Privacy Policy

The Thailand villas Privacy Policy

Here at Thailand villas we take the privacy of our customers very seriously: first of all, as a dutch-based company, it goes without saying that everything we do complies with the dutch data protection law. Beyond that, though, unless you give us your express permission, we specifically tell you otherwise or where required by law, no personal information you give us will ever be handed over to third parties outside the THC B.V. group of companies.
We may, however, use any details you provide us with in the following ways:
1. We collect basic information about visitors to our site: in particular how you came to the site and the pages you looked at while you were here. (This is standard online practice, and helps us find out more about what our customers do, and how we can give them more of what they’re looking for.) But we also do this in order to calculate royalties we pay our travel writers. We may put all this data together in a way which can be shared with third parties, but under no circumstance will this include your identity or personally identifiable information about you without your permission.
2. To get this basic information, we use ‘cookies’. Again, this is standard practice: cookies are small data files that we send to your computer to tell us what you like and don’t like, help us provide you with a better user experience and allow us to tailor our services to the individual needs of anyone who uses the site. This does not mean that we record or store any of your passwords or other sensitive information.
3. Lastly, we collect email details in order to send out the Thailand villas newsletter and any important announcements about THC B.V.; we will not, however, ever share them with anyone else. Where we ask for email addresses in the ‘email a friend’ feature, this is purely a convenience measure – these addresses are neither stored nor shared.

Any Questions?

If you’d like to know more about the legal ins and outs of using Thailand villas, please take a look at our terms and conditions.